YogaBear Studio provides fine portrait and physique photography for men of all ages and body types.

Welcome to the new YogaBear Studio page! The site is under active development, so if you can’t find something, head over to the legacy site.

I’m always looking for people to work with–if you are interested in modeling, please see the modeling information.

Legacy Site

Material from 2018 and before is available on the YogaBear Studio legacy iWeb site.


Given the current repressive environment of the US, I have put the nude work behind a password. When it asks, use:

password: over18

Please only view this work if you are over 18 years old and you are not easily offended by artistic nude imagery.

Trevor posted a nice retrospective of features at his site “Favorite Hunks”.

Trevor just featured some of the photos of Shane on this great blog: “Favorite Hunks”.