Modeling Information

I am looking for men of all ages for portrait and nude photoshoots. I take photographs entirely for fun and I have been told that I am easy to work with.

I shoot entirely with a digital camera, and I provide a CD or Zip file of photographs when they are finished. I typically provide reduced versions that are good for e-mail and internet applications, and full size images that are best for printing. You will be free to use the photos in any way that you like.

I normally do not charge for photographic sessions, but I ask for a simple MODEL RELEASE that allows me to use the photographs for my portfolio and other projects. You can get a copy of the release by clicking the icon below, or sign a copy at the shoot.

For nude shoots, I also require a picture of a government-issued ID that has a picture of you and your birthday (such as a driver’s license or a passport). I usually just take a quick picture of ID at the beginning of a shoot. This is to provide a record for the authorities that you are over 18.

I am based in San Diego, and travel often to other parts of the US. Please drop me an e-mail drop me an e-mail if you are interested!

David Gray, YogaBear Studio